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A 20-45 minute outside cirkus festival show for all ages!

This show was made to be performed outside nursing homes during covid-19 to spread some joy and give them some energy and hope when they couldn't leave home.

Together with Stockholm Kultur Festival, Kultursommar2020, that made this summer tour happen, we did 10 shows in Stockholm.

We realized, when talking to the audience, how joy and play needs to be spread all year around, and not just during covid-19, but how they felt the isolation even before the pandemic.


We would really like to keep doing this, to bring the circus to people that can't come to the show in the theatre, and we hope to get the possibility to continue this work!


So don't hesitate to contact us if you want to book us or simply have an idea of someone we can contact ourselves!

Age: All ages (suitable for family) Setup time: 90min

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