FACE FIRST is a new nordic live performance collective that has united from a desire to share the stage together and rethink their work. The collective consists of one musician, one light designer and five contemporary circus artists with the common goal to create a show together.
Collectively our talents has taken us on stage with Cirque Du Soleil, Cirkus Cirkör, Stockholm City Theater, Copenhagen Royal Opera, Seinabo Sey, Lykke Li, Fever Ray and many more.

After a sold out premiere at Södra Teatern in Stockholm Outlines will tour Sweden this fall.


Tour dates will be announced soon!


If 43% of our daily behavior are done unconsciously by habit, based on upbringing and previous experiences, where do they show up in the field of circus?

Do they install themselves in dark corners of the backstage or straight in the spotlight. Face First dare to take a look at their own patterns, both the nice and the ugly ones to trace the outlines of their personality.



Anton Graaf is specialized in teeterboard and acrobatics. He has for the last 5 years toured the world first of all as an acrobat, but also managing logistics around traveling internationally with big setups and groups of artists. As an artist he has a fascination for finding the unpredictable and the unexpected. He sees this creation as an opportunity to apply that fascination on a bigger scale.

Gustaf Rosell is a high-skilled juggler who has done many years of education and training in AFUK, le Lido and Kiev's State University of Variety And Circus Arts. He's known for both his high skills and creativity as well as his instinctive comical timing.  

His talent for dramaturgy has led him to work with companies such as Les 7 doigts de la main, Strut & Fret, Collective Petit Travers and many more.

Hannele Philipson is a lightdesigner whose experience is mostly in performing* arts. She often doubles her job as a setdesigner and has a passion for rock climbing. She holds lots of love for technical details, problem solving and performing* arts of all forms. She has a flair for raw looks and color blends and her constant stream of ideas and attention to details makes her an ideal addition to the team. 

Manda Rydman is specialized in aerial hoop, hand balancing, rope and contortion, Manda is a hard worker and dedicated circus artist. She has been part of numerous different types of shows and like the rest of the cast, comes to a point where she wants to work with partners she trusts, enjoys and feels inspired from. 

Sarah Lett is specialized in Cyr wheel, loop tissue and duo cloud. After 10 years of work as a circus artists, Sarah feels the urge to have a space for creating and choosing the partners she wants to do this with. She also feels ready to experiment the good and bad sides of this freedom and of being part of the whole work behind the production. 

Oscar Karlsson is specialized in teeterboard, hand balancing and hand to hand. After working with mainly circus for the first 6 years of his career he as during the last 4 years gotten the opportunity to combine, and work with other artforms such as opera, theater and musicals which he finds intriguing and aims to work more with in the future. 

Mikaela Hansson is a musician who has more than 10 years of experience working and touring with some of Swedens most famous artists.  She sees this project as an exciting challenge and opportunity to create music for an artform that she has never worked with before but always enjoyed.